Health is wealth. Healthcare facilities serve many people daily, and it is important to keep the facility hygienic despite high human traffic. Transform your institution into a safer, cleaner and more sustainable environment that is beneficial for your patients, visitors and staff with Dulux Professional.

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Colour Design In Healthcare

Cold, formal and inaccessible healthcare spaces are increasingly replaced with friendlier and more visually attractive environments. Whether it is a clinic or hospital, regardless of scale and complexity, we know what it takes to make it conducive.

Using the latest technologies, we’ve specially developed our product range to create a relaxing healthcare environment that not only looks good from the outside, but also lets people feel good when inside.

Corridors & Reception

Blueberry Mash

Deep Well

Indigo Nights

Waiting Areas

Sensational Mood

Icelandic Waters

Frosty Mist

Staff Room

Plum Escape

West Pointe Blue

Folk Tale

Patient Room

Peppermint Beach


Monarch Gold

Pediatric Units

Red Badge

Aqua Tint

Irish Green

Intensive Care Units


Plum Port

Beside the Ocean

Active Treatment Rooms

Wineberry Red

Festival Yellow

Designer Grey

Passive Treatment Rooms

Sweet Leaf


Moon Waves

Operating Rooms


Blue Note

Forest Glen

Why Use Dulux Professional?

• Welcoming Spaces

The colours and design of spaces directly influence how people engage and interact with a place, and healthcare facilities house many different departments with various requirements. Creature nurturing places for your patients to rest, heal and revitalise with Dulux Professional.

• Health with confidence

To maintain the confidence of guests in their hygiene standards, healthcare facilities need to keep their spaces clean and hygienic. With hard-wearing and stain-resisting properties, Dulux Professional can help keep your facilities clean, air fresh, and maintenance easy. 

• Space to space approach

With diverse purposes & functions in your healthcare facility, colours can help to differentiate between spaces while ensuring an overall cohesive design. Enhance patients’ well-being and motivate staff to become more productive with Dulux Professional.

Our Professional Products and Technology

Keeping you in the pink of health is the best assurance for an excellent quality of life. That is why we work hard to nurture places for you to rest, heal and revitalise. Our rich experience in improving healthcare spaces helps to guide and choose the most suitable products and colours for your hospital facility's needs.

Dulux Professional Interior Solutions

Healthcare facilities serve many people daily and also host bacteria that causes infection.

Hard-wearing and stain-resisting properties for improved durability are necessary in combating against infectious bacteria. Durable coatings help healthcare facilities reduce maintenance cost too.

The following products & technologies have been developed to keep interiors hygienic in spite of high human traffic. Aside from durability alone, additional product features extend the capabilities of Dulux Professional Interior Solutions. These also help to keep walls clean, air fresh and maintenance easy.

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Dulux Professional Exterior Solutions

Healthcare facilities serve many people daily and also host bacteria that causes infection.

Dulux Weathershield is renowned for its all-weather protection, an exemplary product of long-lasting protection. Building exteriors not only look good, but also stay looking fresh longer. Our technological breakthroughs result in the latest product features that continually enhance Dulux Weathershield.

Besides Dulux Weathershield, the following products & technologies have also been developed to cope with weather changes and to resist damage from inevitable wear & tear. These help to keep exteriors clean, while extending maintenance cycles and reducing repair costs.

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